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This week's auctions are all in EST Daylight Savings Time GMT-4

All are timed and ready for preview, registration, bidding, and winning. About 500 lots in each catalog.

We match the power of technology with the power of expertise to bring you an unmatched experience of ease and fortune

You shoot; we sell


Based upon the idea that the power and decision to sell should start and end with the seller, our app empowers YOU to sell anything you want according to your terms and on your timetable.

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Our app allows you easily to take the pictures yourself or you can request one of our auction catalog professionals to make an appointment to list the items for you.

Once we have the data, we use the same auction marketing tools and listing sources available to premier auction companies to establish either a local, national, or international presence for YOUR goods in YOUR auction minus the premium fees! 

The beauty of it all is that the goods never leave your possession or care. You have total inventory control. You only release what we sell for you once we receive payment from the new buyer. 





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Putting the power to sell and buy whatever the heck you want

in the palm of your hands


Join our Mobile Bidding platform experience that everyone is raving about and begin rocking your own auctions!!

Bid, win, and sell on your own time, from your own device, wherever you are on auctions near you.

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"We needed to move and barely had time to pack boxes much less sell the items we didn't want to move with us. Rock My Auction made it super easy for us to liquidate over half of our possessions before moving day!" - Jen, MD
"So, I had a lot of crap. I had collected for the last 40 years and some had market value but a lot of it simply had sentimental value. It was a problem. Rock My Auction was the solution. I pictured what was sellable and let them do the rest. In the end, I made a pocket full of money and used one of their donation partners to take care of the rest!" -Gary, WV
"My father passed away and left a huge headache of stuff for us to deal with, including a large musical instrument collection--we called up Rock My Auction and one of their reps pictured and sold it all for us, without having to move a thing!" -Hannah, VA 
Chest of Drawers






So You've Got Gold in the Chest?


All of the stuff you have collected and stored or inherited could be worth some money. If it can be pictured, it probably can be sold. And worse case scenario: just get rid of it! We partner with donation and recycling centers to help you clear out your stuff in one way or another. Breath easier. Think better. Live happier.


If you have real estate, cars, trucks, commercial equipment, airplanes, boats or really large items that you would like to sell.  Do yourself a favor and save a lot of money by pricing your items right through a reserve auction listing.


It truly is modern alchemy. We just happen to know the secret sauce to simplify the recipe to help you turn your stuff into gold quickly, painlessly, and cost effectively. You have total control over the process from beginning to end and your inventory stays with you the entire time. 


Reasons to sell with us

  • Quick payout after the close of an auction
  • You maintain possession of your inventory throughout the auction process
  • We have the most competitive auction rates in the industry
  • You get an expert auction team to support you through the entire sales process
  • Add-on services available for those who don't want to or can't do it themselves
  • Best in class auction marketing tools and listing services at your fingertips 


Become a partner

We are actively looking for partners throughout the United States in these fields – If interested in joining us, please submit our partner/affiliate request form below:

Field Partners – Looking for professionals to build their own network of local business in their areas; helping with picturing, cataloging, marketing, and sales. Part-time or full-time or big-time income opportunities.  

Donation Center – These are our recommended local donation center partners for the items that simply cannot be sold through auction.

Moving Companies – Many of our clients are looking to move and could use your help!

Real Estate Agents – Selling real estate almost always goes hand-in-hand with selling the property inside the homes and businesses.

Removal Companies - For those items that simply cannot be sold or donated, we are looking for partners to help with the recycling/removal needs of our customers.

Consignment Shops - A way to increase sales and open up your market to the world. We have a hot referral network and shop owners make great field partners.